Après tout, Specto (plus officiellement appelé «Specto Fork») est basé sur Genesis. Nous sommes sur le point de vous dire exactement comment vous pouvezinstallez ce module complémentaire riche en contenu sur Kodi. Une fois que nous l'aurons installé, nous vous proposerons une visite guidée de ses fonctionnalités, films et émissions de télévision les plus intéressants. Offre

Specto. The Specto add-on for Kodi from developer MrKnow is another great fork of Genesis. Contrary to the three add-ons we just talked about, this one has a different look and feel from its parent. And this difference can be seen right from its main menu. Tutorial How to Install Specto Kodi Specto is a fork of the Genesis add-on so you know what to expect from this add-on. To Install: Open Kodi 1. Select SYSTEM ——– File Manager 2. To Install: Open Kodi 1. This is a fork of the fantastic Genesis add-on which is no longer available. If you were a fan of Genesis then you will like this. This is a 3rd party Add-on and is in no way affiliated to myself or… It's long been argued that the Genesis addon has been one of (if not) the best plugins to be installed into Kodi. Unfortunately the massive popularity it assumed   Jul 10, 2020 Fortunately, it didn't take long for a fork of Genesis to appear and make the addon usable again. The name of this fork is Specto. Around the  Aug 20, 2018 Specto Kodi came to life when Genesis was brought down by the law enforcement. Specto Fork was one of the Kodi add-ons that was rolled out  Feb 15, 2016 It is located in the Film Kodi Github and is a fork of Genesis, so should feel instantly familiar.

Specto Fork add-on Overview. Specto Fork is an add-on for Kodi which provides streams for content such as TV Shows and Movies using third party sources. It’s a big contender with other add-ons such as Exodus, Elysium and Genesis Reborn. It can be installed with the Smash repository (instructions below). Specto Fork also gives you the ability

Etape par étape Comment installer l'addon de fourche Specto dans Kodi Specto Fork est un populaire Kodi add-on. Il s'agissait à l'origine de la Genesis add-on et pris en charge afin que le code pourrait être mis à jour. Il est situé dans le dépôt filmkodi. Http://repository.filmkodi.com Si vous avez installé le référentiel, passez à l'étape 13. Pour installer le référentiel et Specto Fork: Genesis Continues with a New Name. Author: admin | Feb. 13. 2017. Posted in Best Top, Kodi Addons, Video No comments. Genesis addon is the best kodi video addon ever, unfortunately it has not been updated for a long time and it was not working. Although there are alternatives and similar addons, but none were usable and stable like Genesis. Fortunately it is now back with the a Home » Kodi Media » Tutorial how to install specto / Genesis clone / mod / fork for kodi. Tutorial how to install specto / Genesis clone / mod / fork for kodi. By Admin | March 28, 2017. 0 Comment. As most of you may know there is now a clone/mod/fork of Genesis. The coder should have got permission from Lamda but he didn’t, some will be glad that there is new life in their favorite addon Specto, the Genesis fork Movie and TV Series add-on. Mrknow, who took over the Genesis bone structure, continues the good job with frequent updates. You can also use your Trakt.tv account. If you don’t have one we strongly recommend that you visit the site here and create one. It’s totally free and integrates perfect with the most common and popular movie add-ons to keep your personal

Specto Kodi kwam tot leven toen Genesis door de wetshandhaving werd neergehaald. Specto Fork was een van de Kodi-add-ons die werd uitgerold door het team van ontwikkelaars genaamd Mrknow. Het is een video-add-on met films en tv-programma’s. Het heeft een vergelijkbare interface als Exodus en biedt ook automatische ondertitels voor video’s. In deze handleiding hebben we gedetailleerde

Specto Fork Kodi Add-On is a popular add-on which is a continuation of the Genesis plugin. Genesis was a popular add-on but it began to lose its importance since it was not updated in a while. It was then fixed and updated and called Specto Fork Genesis. The old plug-in Genesis was later replaced by Exodus, but they are not the same. Specto is a fork of that old favorite Genesis, which is now maintained by MrKNOW. You will find the usual array of Movies and TV Shows, together along with the library function (that has been recently restored to Exodus). Genesis, which was once the most popular add-ons, began to break down since it had not been updated in a long time. 01/02/2016 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Specto Fork est un populaire Kodi add-on. Il s'agissait à l'origine de la Genesis add-on et pris en charge afin que le code pourrait être mis à jour. Il est situé dans le dépôt filmkodi. To manage the breakdown of Genesis Addon, they have introduced a new Kodi addon called as Specto Fork Kodi as a replacement for Exodus Kodi. Specto Fork Kodi Works the similar way as Exodus Kodi but there were several added features in Specto Kodi. One such is The Favorites Folder in Specto Kodi. These kind of added features made Specto Kodi even better than Exodus Kodi.